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John Lee

John Lee is a Masters candidate at the Department of War Studies, King’s College London. He holds a Master of Laws from the Australian National University and was a visiting fellow at the Mercator Institute for China Studies. Previously he worked for Australia’s Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade, Department of Defence, and the Australian Strategic Policy Institute.

Articles by John Lee (12)

  • Brexit: The view from Berlin

    'One has to face up to the fact that the other members of the EU have been slagged off fairly royally, and they're the people who you would be negotiating with.' That was the assessment two weeks ago of Lord Jonathan Hill, who on Saturday resigned as Britain's European Commissioner. First among those other members is undoubtedly Germany, which on Saturday hosted a meeting of the EU's 'founding six' as an initial attempt at cobbling together a response to Brexit.
  • Chinese innovation: More than a fast follower? (Part 1)

    The first part of this two-part series examines China's sustained prioritisation of innovation,  a relatively new factor in the global knowledge economy that for the last half century has been dominated by the Western countries and Japan, and to a smaller extent in recent years by South Korea and Taiwan. Read part two here. The recently announced raft of Australia-China joint research initiatives align with the Turnbull government's focus on innovation as an economic driver.